Pressure points for headaches and nausea?

Point 4 (LI) of the large intestine in the hand helps with nausea caused by headaches, pain, and digestive problems. This is the area where the thumb connects with the fingers. The LI-4 pressure point, also called Hegu, is located between the base of the thumb and the index finger. Do acupressure at this point to relieve pain and headaches.

While many pressure points may be useful, LI-4 (Hegu), between the thumb and forefinger, is most often recommended for relief. Be sure to apply pressure at this point on both hands. Try the following acupressure points for pain, discomfort, or other symptoms of the gastrointestinal system. Acupressure involves pressing specific points on the body to improve overall health and cure particular ailments.

MPS is a type of skeletal muscle disorder that can cause muscle pain, tenderness, and tension headaches. Stimulate the third point of eye pressure by applying constant pressure or massaging gently in circular motions. This acupressure for the headache point is located in the middle of that ridge, just above the end of the fold formed by the thumb and forefinger. Acupressure practitioners suggest that pressing on this area may help with nausea due to headaches, digestive problems, and general pain.

They can perform acupressure therapy on themselves or ask someone else to massage the chosen pressure points. This pressure promotes blood circulation and relieves physical tension, which can help with migraine attacks. During acupressure, gentle pressure is applied to certain parts of the body to relieve anxiety, pain, or nausea. And research is ongoing to determine if acupressure can help with nausea after surgery or chemotherapy.

Acupressure professionals claim that applying pressure to this point can help with headaches and upper body pain. A traditional Chinese medical approach, acupressure is the use of physical pressure on specific parts of the body, called acupuncture points or pressure points. Participants in this study described improvements in sleep quality, relaxation levels, and pain, including headache. You can practice acupressure for migraine at home to relieve some of the pain, tightness, and abdominal problems that accompany an attack.

Activating the pressure point of the shoulder well can help relieve stiffness or tension in the shoulder and neck muscles.