18 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Headaches Instantly

Headaches can be a real pain, literally and figuratively. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that can help you get rid of a headache quickly and effectively. Studies have shown that treatment with 600 mg of oral magnesium citrate per day can help reduce both the frequency and severity of migraines. Getting the right amount of sleep is also important for those seeking natural headache prevention.

Aim for the “sweet spot” of seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Histamine-rich foods can trigger headaches, so eliminating them from your diet can be a useful strategy. Essential oils, such as lavender oil, have been shown to reduce migraine pain and associated symptoms when applied to the upper lip and inhaled. Vitamin B supplements, such as riboflavin, folate, B12 and pyridoxine, can also reduce headache symptoms.

Cold or frozen compresses applied to the neck or head area can decrease inflammation and constrict blood vessels, helping to reduce headache. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplements have been found to be an effective and natural way to treat headaches. Aged cheese, alcohol, chocolate, citrus and coffee are among the most commonly reported triggers in people with migraines. An elimination diet may help reduce the number of migraine headaches experienced.

Caffeine can improve mood and alertness and constrict blood vessels, all of which can have a positive effect on headache symptoms. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that has been found to be as effective as common migraine medications in reducing migraine pain. Practicing yoga is a great way to relieve stress, increase flexibility, decrease pain, and improve overall quality of life. People who are sensitive to odors may experience headaches when exposed to strong smells like perfumes.

Feverfew supplements may reduce the frequency of headache. Butterbur extract has been found to reduce headache symptoms in both adults and children. Nitrites can trigger headaches by causing blood vessels to expand. Ginger powder has been found to be as effective as the conventional headache drug sumatriptan in reducing migraine pain.

Low levels of physical activity have been associated with an increased risk of headaches. Massage therapy can reduce chronic pain and relieve muscle tension that causes headaches. Aromatherapy is the study of how certain smells can trigger positive responses in the brain. These 18 natural home remedies are effective ways to get rid of a headache quickly and safely.

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